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A walk in closet

5 mars 2023

1000MORCEAUX is an artist collective focused on producing unique garments. Eloquence, craft and common sense entails us to create unique wearable items that engage with the history of the material, the maker and the memory. A Walk-In Closet is a show that takes place during Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2023 Opening reception and a performance takes place 5th of March from 6 to 10 pm oth of March we re open trom 3 to 10pm


The show includes Agony, a veal-sized felted wool sculpture by artist @Noe Leleu . Transnational spinner & craftsgirl @Noé Leleu is a young artist active in the fields of performance, fibre and sculpture. She lives and works between Leipzig and Paris.

Agony, 2022, carded wool and expanded polystyrene with hand-spun ten-ply wool rope, 120 x 60 x 60cm

1000MORCEAUX is an artist collective, founded by Nikita Dedel in 2018.
Formerly based out of Moscow, Russia it has now found its roots in Paris, France. The collective's main focus lies within
the boundaries of class, fashion, performative arts and manual labour.

Creation of one-of-a-kind garments explores the fields of sustainable and ethical production in the contemporary fashion industry, the relation of clothing and the wearer, the history of fashion intervenes with personal narratives and the topic of cultural decay and memorv 1000MORCEAUX uses found items, archival fabrics and unique sewing techniques to create wearable pieces.

Together with various collaborators trom the felds of contemporarv art, photography and fashion, 1000MORCEAUX strives to create a sustainable and ethical production process that puts the artists and artisans involved on the centre stage Après les @ des personnes impliquées c’est :